CNC Wire Eroding

The company’s wire eroding facility helps provide a service for components and parts that need multiple operations and a very accurate finish. Complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult to produce by conventional methods can be cut easily with a good, high quality surface finish. Even the most intricate parts or delicate shapes, including small or odd angles, sharp corners, contours, cavities and external or internal tapers can be cut. Very fine holes and tapered holes can be produced if necessary. The wire eroding machine is able to erode any material that is conductive to electricity regardless of hardness. Wire EDM has more effective metal-cutting capabilities than a laser, flame cut, plasma or die cutting which means that it cuts more accurately.

Our Machining Capabilities Include: –

  • X, Y, Z Travel 350mm x 600mm x 400mm
  • Workpiece Dimensions (W x D x H) – 1030 x 800 x 350mm
  • Max. Workpiece Weight – 1000kg
  • Wire erosion of any material conductive to electricity regardless of hardness