Prototype & Design

The company is proud to offer designing services using initial concept ideas that are progressed to the final build of the complete product. Customer input and ideas are valued and encouraged during the design process, therefore ensuring the final product delivered is as expected. Monitoring during all stages of design ensures that the development runs smoothly from start to finish. Our prototype options can be anything from a CAD drawing of the items required, to a complete 3D model of what the final product will look like and how suitable it is for its desired purpose. The benefits of us creating prototypes before we start the manufacturing process are as follows:

  • Material – Some material that is needed to manufacture the final product may be quite expensive so prototypes are made out of other material as either an alternative or a way to give the customer an idea of how their part will look.
  • Process – A large production of a small number of parts is unsuitable so prototypes can be made using various different fabrication processes than the final design of the product. Certain fabrication process will give a difference in the prototypes appearance compared to the appearance of the final product.
  • Quality Checks – The final product may need to undergo a series of quality checks once it is complete and must comply with the products specification. These tests can involve anything from inspections or sampling methods. Prototypes may be exempted from some requirements on the specification that will need to be applied to the final product.


If a prototype is required before the manufacturing process begins then the impact of these differences will attempt to be kept at a minimal. For example, if the prototype was unable to be manufactured out of the same material as the final product then a substitute will be used with very similar properties to the required final product.